Our founders Ivy, Lilian and Billy, are highly passionated chefs with over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry in the UK.

They launched Bilivy Bakery with a vision to produce creative, tasty, and healthier handmade bakery products, with a mixture of traditional British and Fusion flavours.

All our products are 100% genuinely made in Hong Kong, with the finest quality of ingredients imported from high tier countries. A couple of our cookies are also made from ingredients from our home grown farm , 100% truly organic, all are delicious and safer to eat.

The uniqueness and elegance of our products made them the ideal gift for seasons greeting, birthday, wedding, celebration, corporate events.

All our products are exclusively sold through our website, which allow our customers to easily place their order anytime anywhere. Our delivery service will ensure you receive your orders on time. You may also choose to pick up your orders from the most convenient spots in Hong Kong, delivery for orders over certain amount and by courier.